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"I count on mean Green to remove stains!!

Check out what people are saying about our cleaner-degreaser!

"My shoulders, back, and elbow thank Mean Green!"  Michelle Italiano – Richmond Hill, Ontario

"Mean Green is a fabulous product! It actually works as it says!"  Jeff Zehr – Newton, Ontario

"Your product makes every job easy. Just spray and wipe off!"  Don Schnurr – Linwood, Ontario

"Of all the cleaners I have used over the years, this product is the best!"  David Locke – Campbellford, Ontario

"Love your product! Finally one that does all!"  Kim McCutcheon, Tamworth, Ontario

" Mean Green takes the work out of cleaning!  It makes any cleaning almost effortless!"  Holly Davis-Burtch – Yarker, Ontario

"It cleans like no other – without the fumes and the price is right!"  Joe Giusto – Toronto, Ontario


What others have said:


Love this "Mean Green" cleaner.  This rebate is just another part of a GREAT product!!

P.J. Colborne, ON


I liked your product the first time I tried it.  I will pass the word...

P.M. Bancroft, ON


I just loved the product.  It was great!

M.C., Newmarket, ON


I will say that this is one of the best cleaning products I have ever used.  I am a clean freak and I use this cleaner everywhere.

J.S. Magog, QC


I would like to express how much I love this product.  I got many thanks for introducing Mean Green to my family and friends.

M.A. Whitby, ON


I love your product and buy it all the time!

C.H. St. Catharines, ON


I am a Mean Green fan and I extol its virtues to all my friends who are now Mean Green fans too.  The degreaser is great for clothing stains - mustard, red wine, and I like the mold killer as well.

D.F. London, ON


I would like to tell you how much i enjoy using your cleaner.  It's wonderful!

M.V.K., Niagara Falls, ON


...And I just love it. It is the best in the market.

 M.C.A., Montreal, QB


We use it to clean everything from the BBQ to cleaning our camping trailer and the 1 gallon size is more economically priced than purchasing two one-half gallon sized containers.  This product is awesome, works on most everything instantly!  No other cleaner we’ve tried satisfies our cleaning requirements.   

B. C., North Bay, ON


I clean everything with MEAN GREEN from bathroom, countertops, floor, washers, stoves and more, and it’s so odorless and safe to use and not to forget, gentle on the hands.   

J. G., Suille Xing, NL


I do house cleaning for a living and your product has made my job so much easier.  I have 14 homes that I clean on a regular basis and I always make sure that they are in full supply of MEAN GREEN.

R. N., Maple Ridge, BC


I knew the stuff was good but the floor looked like new, after a coat of wax it looked like new again.  The flooring is about 10 years old.  I just can't say enough about Mean Green...you don't need any other cleaning product in your home.

A.L., BC


This past weekend your Mean Green Degreaser was really put to the test.  While my daughter was visiting us at the lake, her car was unfortunately spray painted. On the return trip she stopped at our place and we tried soap and water on the windows, but noting came off.  Then we tried varsol, my cloth turned a little black, but it didn't remove any of the spray paint.  To this point we had only tried it on the windows, so, if it didn't remove it off the windows we didn't even try it on th car paint.  I came in the house and got the Mean Green and sprayed a little on the windshield and wiped it with a cloth and the spray paint was gone.  We then sprayed a little on the car, wiped it off and the spray paint was gone.  After about 40 minutes...her car was good as new, with no damage to the car's paint.

J.J., Dufresne, MB


..Mean Green is by far the best cleaning product ever developed!  I moved into a beautiful new 3 bedroom duplex apartment 3 years ago.  To my amazement, this apartment was disgustingly filthy. ... After spending a small fortune on cleaning products, and spending endless hours going over the same areas again and again, I still wasn't satisfied with the end results. ... A friend of mine had offered to do some painting and she asked me if I had ever heard of Mean Green.  She insisted that I try it...so, I went out and purchased a couple of bottles and I couldn't believe the results!  ... [It] removed all the stains, dirt and debris.  I was never so impressed with such a product!

M.L. P., Sudbury, ON


Just recently I purchased a used camper that was very sticky and greasy (from stove top cooking) on the inside.  I used Mean Green and was simply amazed on how the grease and dirt literally dripped off the cuboards! ... Quite honestly, I would drive to any store, no matter how far, to buy Mean Green.

C.B., Edmundton, AB


Recently I purchased a 32 oz (948 ml) container of  Mean Green liquid cleaner.  It is fantastic, A-1!

G.L., Dartmouth, NS


I bought your all purpose cleaner and degreaser, need more for our friends as it is a great product.

P.L., BC


I have found this to be an excellent product.

B.B., Belleville, ON


I found your product, Mean Green Degreaser, in a local store about 2 years ago and have faithfully used this on all my cleaning since.  ... This is the most amazing product.



No product ever did what Mean Green does.  I makes cleaning a snap.  Thank you for a product that works and leaves my skin alone.  I will never have to use harsh cleaners again.

R.T., Alberton, PEI


I have used your product, Mean Green, with much success...

B.T., Downsview, ON


Your Mean Green is the very best cleaning product I've ever used. (& I'm not a New Bride)!

B.R., Little Britton, ON


This is by far the best product that was ever put on the market.

A.D., St. Hyacinthe, QB


I wanted to send a letter to your company telling you how much I love your product.  I use it for everything, and I mean everything, in my house.

P.D., ON


I am writing this letter to inform you that I just love your product.

D.L., Cochrane, AB


My wife uses the product constantly and has all her friends and relatives using it.

H.M., Missisauga, ON


...this product does what it claims to do.

W.G., Creston, BC


This is by far the best product I have ever used and I have all my friends using it.

A.S., St. Hycinthe, QB


This letter is concerning Mean Green!  I purchased it for my home and told a couple of friends about it. We all love it and frankly - need it!  I then suggested that we use it to clean our synagogue... Our cleaning people loved it and also wanted to use it at other jobs.

E.F., Tornoto, ON


I am writing this note to let you know how wonderful you product Mean Green is. I have never used any cleaner that has come up to your product.  It is very amazing how fast it works and certainly take a lot of hardships out of cleaning.  you should be congratulated on such a great product.

S.R., Cape Breton, NS


I told my family and friends all about this wonderful product.  I use it for everything, kitchen appliances, bathroom, spotting and especially on my husbands white socks.  

 H. C., Beechville, NS


It cleans everything from my 2-year-olds lunch off her clothes to cleaning the interior of our vehicle to everything in between.  Since finding this cleaner I have not purchased anything else.  There is no need.  

C. R., Bathhurst, NB


I bought Mean Green to clean my car and it did such a great job I thought I'd try it in the home.  I was amazed...even for grease stains on our clothes.  


We love the product!  We have never found such a versatile product before.  We use it for laundry stains, degreasing machinery or equipment, in the bathroom and also cleaning our pool. 

M.D., Oshawa, ON



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