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Here are some examples of how other consumers have used MEAN GREEN to solve laundry problems.

"I am a Mean Green fan and I extol its virtues to all my friends who are now Mean Green fans too.  The degreaser is great for clothing stains - mustard, red wine, and I like the mold killer as well."

D.F. London, ON


I told my family and friends all about this wonderful product.  I use it for everything, kitchen appliances, bathroom, spotting and especially on my husbands white socks.  

 H. C., Beechville, NS


I find it works great in the laundry, for I have three children who love to get grass stains, and they are worried the grass stain will not come out, but thanks to your product I have little worries as far as stains go.  I now include this for all my cleaning purposes.   

J. M., London, ON


It cleans everything from my 2-year-olds lunch off her clothes to cleaning the interior of our vehicle to everything in between.  Since finding this cleaner I have not purchased anything else.  There is no need.  

C. R., Bathhurst, NB


I bought Mean Green to clean my car and it did such a great job I thought I'd try it in the home.  I was amazed...even for grease stains on our clothes.  

A.L., BC


My husband and my son get their clothes full of grease and all I have to do is put my laundry detergent in and spray Mean Green on them and presto, clean jeans.  

P.D., Trenton, ON


I have raved about it at work, which is a laundry and cleaning business, and they are purchasing by the gallons.  It's ideal for clothes and also for polishing our big washers and dryers.  

N.B., Sudbury, ON


We love the product!  We have never found such a versatile product before.  We use it for laundry stains, degreasing machinery or equipment, in the bathroom and also cleaning our pool. 

M.D., Oshawa, ON


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